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Spa Pool

The Spa Pool concept is a combination of the high-quality pre-molded fiberglass swimming pool shell with the luxury of a spa.

This shell comes with four spa jets placed conveniently for your optimum relaxation. The filtration system is equipped to heat the water and in conjunction with the jets, provide you with hydrotherapy that is not just great pampering but offers health benefits and stress reliever.

The best of both worlds. This is not only a pool but a spa pool!

Mobile pool

This pool makes it possible to own a genuine pre-molded pool regardless you own property or not, this concept incorporates the traditional high-quality fiberglass shell in a mobile format.

The shell is imbedded in a high-quality steel frame covered with treated wood surround.

The mobile pool makes it possible to pack up and move taking your pool with. There are different wood and size options available.

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